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7 Easy Under The Bathroom Sink Storage Ideas


What’s inside this article: creative solutions for keeping your bathroom organized and minimalistic using these under the bathroom sink storage ideas.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

If you have a small bathroom, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all your toiletries and unsure how to maximize your bathroom storage space.

Well, with a few simple organization techniques, you can transform your bathroom into a tidy and minimal space. Try out these under the bathroom sink storage ideas today.

Install A Basket System

Setting up a simple basket system on the wall or door of your under-sink bathroom cabinet is an affordable and easy way to maximize storage and organize your bathroom.

Baskets are a great way to organize items like shampoo and soap bottles, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and more.

Use assorted basket sizes so you can hold various-sized items. Make sure there is space between baskets for ventilation, or you may begin accumulating moisture, leading to odors or mold.

You can purchase a two-tier under the bathroom sink storage basket system on Amazon for under $30.

Alternatively, you can use adhesive wire baskets. Try attaching them to the inside of the cabinet doors or the walls of the cabinets under the bathroom sink.

Use Short Rack Shelving to Increase Storage Space

If there aren’t any shelves under your sink, short, open shelving of various heights and widths can provide plenty of additional storage for under your sink.

Racks come in so many sizes that you can find one to fit any space.

These wire racks are a simple way to boost storage space in many parts of your home, including under the bathroom sink.

Install Pull-Out Drawers

If you have some room to play with, pull-out drawers can be a great way to organize and store items underneath your sink.

If you have the DIY skills, this is one of those under the bathroom sink storage ideas you can create on your own. Check out this guide for building a basic drawer.

Then, you have to creative freedom to paint the drawers how you want and chose your own hardware/knobs.

If doing it yourself isn’t your forte, there are easy-to-install options to purchase and set up at home. But, don’t forget to measure and ensure the proper fit!

Make Use of Corners

Corner storage shelves help organize small and crowded bathroom areas. These stackable corner shelves can go on vanity countertops, inside cabinets, and under the sink. One unit provides two levels of storage. Use these to store and organize creams, extra soap bars, hand lotion, face creams, hair spray, makeup, powder, perfumes, body sprays, and other cosmetics.

They’re stackable, so you can use them to create vertical storage, building up as much as space allows.

Use Hanging Pouches Over the Cabinet Door

Hang pouches and organizers on the door to store smaller items such as makeup, toothpaste, and other toiletries.

These are good options for items you frequently use, like makeup or hair products. You can lift the pouch off the door and use the items inside and then easily return the entire pouch to the hooks inside the cabinet door when you’re finished.

You can find a lot of cute options online, like this set of two pouches or this single larger pouch.

Use Shower Caddy Totes

Plastic shower caddy totes are a great way to store feminine hygiene products, cleaners, face clothes, etc., under your bathroom sink.

They are versatile, and portable, making it easy to sort through products to get the items you need.

under the bathroom sink storage idea using portable shower caddy totes from Amazon

Organize With Command Hooks

Command hooks are a great way to organize under your bathroom sink. You don’t need any tools to install them, and you can remove them without causing any damage.

Try using command hooks to hang your hair styling tools inside of your bathroom vanity, or inside the door.

Having a space for everything in your home is one key to keeping your house looking tidy. This can be challenging in areas where you don’t have a lot of storage space. Hopefully, with these under the bathroom sink storage ideas, you’ll be able to make the most of the space you have in your bathroom. Your bathroom with be looking organized in no time!