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81 Must-Have Home Organizing Tools Every Household Needs


What’s inside this article: A list of must-have home organizing tools that help keep your house clean and organized, maximize storage space, and reduce your stress levels.

Home organizing tools can help you keep your house clean and organized in many ways. It is easy to accumulate and save things over time, leading to clutter, mess, and piles of stuff we don’t need.

Advantages of Using Home Organizing Tools in Your House

More Storage Space

One advantage of home organizing tools is that they can save you storage space.

Many people feel like there isn’t enough storage space in their homes, but with the right home organizing tools, you can find ways to store and organize your belongings more efficiently. Using storage bins, drawers, and shelves can free up space in your home and make it easier to find things when needed. 

Minimizes Waste

Another advantage of using home organizing tools is that they can minimize waste. Sometimes, we buy new items that didn’t need replacing because we couldn’t find what we needed amongst the clutter. Other times, we end up discarding things that are still usable because we don’t have anywhere to store them.

But with home organizing tools, you can find ways to store and reuse things effectively. For example, you can use a shoe organizer to store your cleaning supplies or a mesh bag to keep your grocery bags in order. These small measures can help minimize waste without cluttering your home.

Reduces Stress

Plus, a cluttered and disorganized home can be stressful, affecting your mental health. Researchers at UCLA discovered that clutter has a direct link to stress. The more cluttered a home, the higher the levels of stress hormones in the owners. Chronic stress, in turn, leads to a variety of physical and mental illnesses.

Another study by researchers at the University of New Mexico found that clutter can cause anxiety, distractions, and guilt or embarrassment, making it difficult to relax or focus on work.

So, keeping your house organized with the help of these must-have tools can improve your well-being, too. 

81 Must-Have Home Organizing Tools

  1. Large storage containers
  2. Floating shelves
  3. Bookshelves
  4. Drawer dividers
  5. Label maker
  6. Food storage containers
  7. Shoe rack
  8. Jewelry organizer
  9. File folders
  10. Desk organizer
  11. Laundry baskets
  12. Ironing board
  13. Iron
  14. Drying racks
  15. Vacuum cleaner
  16. Broom
  17. Dustpan
  18. Mop
  19. Portable storage baskets
  20. Cleaning solutions
  21. Trash cans
  22. Recycling bins
  23. Coat rack
  24. Wall hooks
  25. Hangers
  26. Pen/pencil holders
  27. Power strip
  28. Step stool
  29. First aid kit
  30. Flashlight
  31. Batteries
  32. Standard tool kit
  33. Screwdriver set
  34. Hammer
  35. Pliers
  36. Wrench set
  37. Tape measure
  38. Level
  39. Picture hanging kit
  40. Hand saw
  41. Power drill
  42. Screws and nails
  43. Zip ties
  44. Duct tape
  45. Ziplock bags
  46. Masking tape
  47. Furniture sliders
  48. Glue gun
  49. Staple gun
  50. Ruler
  51. Scissors
  52. Hole punch
  53. Binder clips
  54. Paper clips
  55. Rubber bands
  56. Post-it notes/notebook
  57. Whiteboard
  58. Dry erase markers
  59. Clipboard
  60. Tape dispenser
  61. Stapler
  62. Pens and pencils
  63. Printer
  64. Paper shredder
  65. Calendar
  66. Address book
  67. Phone chargers (yes, multiple)
  68. Extension cords
  69. Mesh bags
  70. Re-usable shopping bags
  71. Food scale
  72. Measuring cups and spoons
  73. Cooking utensils
  74. Knife block
  75. Dish drying rack
  76. Trash Compactor
  77. Towel racks
  78. Vacuum sealer
  79. Cord organizer
  80. Mason jars
  81. Bento containers

These home organizing tools will help keep your home clean, save on storage space, minimize waste and reduce your stress levels. 

That’s what I call a win-win-win-win!

Once you start using these tools, you’ll notice how much easier it is to maintain a clean and organized home, and you won’t know how you previously lived without them.